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My Hong Kong trip 2017

Yay!!! Finally!!   πŸ˜‡βœŒ

Currently in Hong Kong πŸ‡­πŸ‡° πŸ˜‡πŸ€— . Hong Kong has always been in my list.I was supposed to visit here last year, but I had some conflict with the schedule, but anyway,  I am so grateful that I am finally able to tick it off  (one of my bucketlists  ) before 2017 ends!! πŸ˜‡β˜ƒπŸ€— I am staying here in TST  from December 13-17 .πŸ˜€ 

It’s a DIY trip and we explored the streets of TST through google map!! Haha We even got lost! but, getting lost took my feet to good places, I gladly took the challenge .πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Some necessities!!

Things I’ve prepared: 

– prepared the important  documents needed ( RT tickets, passport, accommodation & of course cash!! )

– research! research!  Research!!. Haha. I’ve just known that Hong Kong  has 3 major islands!! ( islets?  Territory? )So searching information is a MUST.
-planned and saved my iterinary. As much as possible I and my friend want to visit nice places in HK and Macau as well. 

-booked Disney ticket, purchased sim card and octupos card (via KLOOK)

-December is one of the bests months to visit HK not just because of  awesome Christmas lights but the weather is pleasant but I still packed a sweater / cardigan in case it gets really cool. 

-Prepared my camera, extra battery  or powerbank since I will be out the whole day!!  Haha 

-bring some medicines 
** For those who have been to Hong Kong and Macau, I’ll appreciate it If you have more tips or places I should include, feel free to comment below.  I am still a little confuse with how to go to Victoria Peak from TST. Hahaha, quesera sera!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬
~~ ciao πŸ’‹

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A half day trip in Magpupungko Rock Formation

Travel date:  October 21,2017 (noon time )

I’ve seen some amazing photos of Magpupungko Rock Pools  on IG,and that urged me to include it on my list to see (in Siargao ) Gladly, my fiancΓ© did the searching as well. He is the driver so I showed him the goggle map to where it is located. We left the resort (General Luna) around noon. I gave him directions of course following the map!as we were on the road. πŸ˜‚. Thankful for the good internet in the island 🌴 

It took us about 50 minutes to get to the exact location. Magpupungko Rock Pools is located in Pilar. What I like about Siargao is that the road are well kept. The drive was pretty smooth, except for some roosters πŸ“ crossing the road!!  Haha.

We parked our motorbike right away. We paid 20php for that. The parking fee depends on the type of vehicle you have. (I wasn’t able to take a photo though of  the fees). After parking you need to pay again for environmental fee ( I think I paid a hundred for the two of us),and logged in your name on the list. 

We were very lucky because the tide was low. I was looking around and trying to find where the pool was and then  I saw a crowd of people on the far end left side. My fiancΓ© then followed a group of tourists going towards the area, which I believed was the pool.

Zoomed my camera
My fiancΓ© left me. Haha
Lucky it was low tide

You just need to be careful while going there because some rocks are sharp, slippery and some parts are steep. As we got to the main pool. I’ve heard my fiancΓ© said “beautiful “.

A woman just jumped off!! How brave. Haha

My ohhh my


It is indeed a pool. It’s amazing how God made such a wonderful creation.I envy those people who were having fun swimming!!. Locals and foreigners were mesmerized. 🏊 

The happy face pose haha

I savoured the moment and then started taking photos as well.  Here are some of the shots I’ve got. πŸ“·

The two photos below caught my attention and couldn’t resist not to take a snap. 

On our way back to the shore,the tide was getting high already. My fiancΓ©’s flip-flops gave up (again,haha,because last year also in El Nido) and he had to walk barefoot!! πŸ˜‚  We ate lunch because we were hungry. There are a  few small restaurants in the area.This place is really good for picnic or gatherings. 

We took our time on our way back feeling satisfied with our short trip,despite the little drama. πŸ˜‚  Indeed going on a trip with your significant other gives ample time to get to know each other well.  πŸ˜πŸ‘«

I felt so relaxed in the island, far from the bustling city. I would really wanna visit this island again one day to visit other tourists spots. ✌

**TIPS **

~~ check the tide first before planning your trip to Magpupungko Rock Pools

~~ I suggest you rent a motorbike if you know how to drive, you will really enjoy the ride.  

So what are you waiting for,  Book your ticket and go to SIARGAO. πŸ€—
~~ Ciao πŸ’‹ 

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He said: I will marry you πŸ‘«

I am engaged. πŸ’

12-01-2015  /Pattaya   Thailand 

Unlike other couples, my fiancΓ© didn’t pop up the most awaited question most women want to hear from her beloved man. Yes!!  He didn’t.haha Wanna know the whole story? πŸ˜‚

It was December 1st 2015. We were in Pattaya Thailand for two nights. We stayed in a resort near his friend’s restaurant.
On our last night, we went to his friend’s restaurant. He ordered typical Italian food. I was staring at him while he was looking at the menu.He was wearing a short sleeve shirt, hair well done. He was so damn hot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜. We enjoyed the meal together. He asked me if I wanted ice cream or teramisu. (He has been asking me if I wanted dessert since the day our arrival).I said no. I wasn’t in the mood for ice cream since I have been eating to much!! (I’ve gained 2kls already!! )πŸ˜‚

And suddenly, with a serious look on his face, he told me, ” Baby, I WILL MARRY YOU” !! ( capslock para intense!! ) Is he proposing or what? .For a few seconds, I was only staring at him, not sure If I were blinking or not. I couldn’t say a single word. He held my hand and continued ” I will marry you, I will give you a ring, πŸ’ …but I don’t want you to think we will get married right away, I want to you to remember that you are already my wife, forever “. 

I couldn’t explain that feeling. I was happy, surprised, nervous, I felt like crying and I just smiled. But, where’s the ring???!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

We got back to our hotel and then he took something out from his luggage. ( my heart beats unsteadily !!haha) Tadaaannn. Then, he showed me the shining shimmering πŸ˜‚ white gold Diamond ring πŸ’Ž πŸ’!!  

“For you, my wife” he said. 😍😭 
Do you know the funny thing was? The ring was too big for my (ring) finger. πŸ€” Hahaha πŸ˜‚. So I teased him saying that probably the ring wasn’t for me since it wasn’t my size. Haha. πŸ˜› I had it adjusted though to my ring size. 

So, today I’ve been engaged for 2years, definitely in a happy Long Distance Relationship for a total of  4 years .I am very happy and satisfied.I don’t mind long engagement because, I think it gives both of you more time to get to know each other, accept each others flaws and stay committed. 

P. S:  ( By the way, before our trip to Thailand, I actually sent a message to my bf,  I asked him “amore, will you marry me? πŸ”¨πŸ”ͺ  ” .He replied “haha, yes yes I will marry you “.. ) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The next chapter will come (for sure) πŸ˜‡ and I am already very excited to share that event to you guys. 

How about you?  How did your man proposed?  I’m  pretty interested in your story too. Feel free to share guys. 

Thanks for reading. Xoxo

~~Ciao πŸ’‹

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My laid back days in Siargao πŸ‘Œ


Lucky I am having a supportive fiancΓ© who is willing to help me tick my bucketlists!!  Haha. I have always dreamed of watching the huge waves in Siargao,( not considering myself surfing ) haha. 😬

Siargao is only an hour away from Cebu. We’ve booked Cebu Pacific (round trip ).The ticket price wasn’t cheap ( for me!!) because it wasn’t a promo ticket.πŸ™„, like we’ve booked the ticket a day before our trip. Clap. Clap. πŸ€”

The view from the plane to the group of islets were incredibly beautiful. (I have shared some of my shots in the Weekly Photo  Challenge ). We arrived on time since the weather was awesome. 

General Luna
Map of Siargao. The places encircled with red are the places we visited. The ones highlighted were my places to see.. πŸ˜‚

We’ve booked Siargao Blue Resort and Spa for our accommodation. 

As soon as we arrived in our resort, we checked in right away, put our things in our room and excitedly went to Cloud nine.!! 

We took a motorbike (habal-habal) to get to cloud nine, luckily,it wasn’t that far though. 

Tadaahhh. πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜Š

Welcome to CLOUD NINE. This is a famous area for surfing. I wanted to witness those huge waves with my own eyes. Viola!!! 

Hurray for the waves!!!! Salute to those who would take a risk and embraced the adventure!! 

After about 10 minutes, my fiancΓ© and I felt hungry. There aren’t many bigger restaurants around CLOUD NINE, just small street restaurants (carenderia ) few restaurants in some hotels. We proceeded near the town and found a good place to eat. 
We had a difficulty finding a place to eat during night time since we went out around past 8pm and wanted to go to RHUM BAR unfortunately it was closed!!  We went to another pub BAILE where people were enjoying karaoke ( both foreign and locals ).We had a glass of alcohol, and went out to find somewhere to eat, 😰 In the end, we went back to the hotel hungry and ate nutella go!! Hahaha

Here is a map of the restaurants/ resorts in the area. 

2nd Day β€” JOYRIDE DAY!!! 

We had a sumptous breakfast!! πŸ˜‚ ( perks of not eating dinner!! )We rented a motorbike from our hotel. It is very convenient to rent one. We went to the town to buy some stuffs in a convenience store. My fiancΓ© saw many tourists went to one direction ( to DAPA as i checked the map) so we followed them. The road was okay ,the very countryside feeling. My fiancΓ© was amazed seeing pigs 🐷🐷 just tied around the mango trees!!,I mean we also raised pigs in my hometown but they were inside the den. Haha!! It was really nice to feel the cool fresh air, however there were only few houses along the way!(I was scared lol )

Check the video.πŸŒ΄πŸŒ³πŸ€


We arrived in Dapa but we didn’t explore the place and went back to General Luna.

We went to Cloud Nine again to find a place to eat, and we ended up here and ordered curry. 

Most of our time are spent in the hotel, relaxing near the pool area, I sipping fruit  shakes and him his beer,or we drove the motorbike anywhere to see around. 🏍

I was also checking out some tourists spots for us to explore and one of them was Magpopongko Rock Pools.

Mango shake is 😍
My precious

The staff in the resort offered us the island hopping tour.I really wanted to try the tour but I knew my fiancΓ© doesn’t like waking up early because “it is vacation time” hahaha. 


 So, we are already on our 3rd day, but we haven’t gone to some famous places yet!!!  Grrrr. Haha. I wasn’t in the mood already (char!! ) My fiancΓ© noticed it and told me we will go island hopping but I declined. πŸ™„ It was already 11am and I guess that wouldn’t be enough for us to enjoy and make advantage of the tour fee!! Haha

I was angry ( actually!! Haha).I didn’t talk to him for some minutes, but then again, I thought I should be considerate and thankful that at least my fiancΓ© took me here. I made amends right away.Surprisingly,he already thought of going to Magpopongko Rock pools instead. 

**A separate post for our Magpopongko half day trip ** πŸ˜‹

4th Day- FREE DAY

This day was so relaxing, I finally accepted the fact that island hopping won’t be realized anymore, but it was okay, the important thing is for him to relax.I have many chances to come here again someday!!  

We went to some shops because he wanted to buy souvenir shirts. Gosh!!  They were expensive!!! .I also bought ref magnets. 

I took photos around the resort to kill the time. πŸ“· Actually, I can stay in one place as long as I have my camera with me. 😍

On our last day, we had to leave the resort around 9:30 because our flight was early. Although I haven’t gone to many tourists spots in Siargao, to experience the simplicity of the island with my man was more important. πŸ˜πŸ‘«

Wait for my next post bellas!! 

~~ Ciao πŸ’‹

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Things you should know before your Siargao trip

**These tips / information and opinions are based on my experience during my stay**


– The weather was good when we went there (October ) . It is cool at night.It didn’t rain during my stay!!

-Bring light clothes and swimwear.  

– People are friendly. They can speak (english of course) tagalog and cebuano,aside from their main dialect

-Use your internet to go around the island and don’t hesitate to ask the locals for direction

-Stay in General Luna. It is about 30-50 minutes from the airport and just near the town and cloud nine.

– I suggest renting your own transportation (motorbike or a car, I even saw bicycles for rent) is a necessity so it will be easier for you to roam around the island.

-Island hopping and tour packages  are abundant . You can ask your hotel or a habal-habal driver,or check out some shops along the road. 

-In case you run out of Philippine peso, don’t worry, just head to the town and find Mhluiler. You can exchange your currency there. (It is near the church )

-Try MAMA RESTAURANT  (There are some restaurants along the road but I haven’t tried them. )

 If you have a sensitive skin, bring mosquito repellent or off lotion . Sunblock if you wanna stay longer under the heat of the sun

– Some foreigners brought their surfboards with them although you can rent anywhere 

**(Sorry I couldn’t give more elaborate tips or information about surfing since I didn’t surf myself) πŸ˜†πŸ˜¬
I will be posting more about Siargao I still have to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. Haha βœŒπŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ

~~ Ciao πŸ’‹

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WPC : Temporary πŸ‘Œ

Like the waves, life in reality isn’t a fairytale. We may experience ups and downs, however we must always bear in mind that these are only temporary, our will to surpass the temporary obstacles will make us better and stronger that, no matter how huge those waves are, we will learn to get up and stand tall..πŸ„ 

( Photos from my trip in Siargao last month.) ✌

~~Ciao πŸ’‹