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WPC:  Ooh, Shiny! 🌞

The view in the morning while I was in our cafe 🌞🤗

One advantage of going out from work at 5am is that you get the chance to see the sunrise. 🌞 Yes, my office is on the 11th floor, so when the clock reached 5am, I am all eager to packed my things and go out, however I stay for a few minutes in order to see the beautiful sunrise which can be seen in one side of our office or I had to go to the 14th floor. There I caught blazing sun rays from the East.  

Sometimes, I had to work until 7am so I often witnessed how the rays of the sun embraced the glass wall and and how beams of light bothers  the teachers seated near the wall. It was a beautiful scene.!!  The teacher’s face glitters, like an angel,  so bright and shiny!!😂😂 

I’m gonna miss this view soon. I will have a short break from work but I will be back..🤗!

href=””>Ooh, Shiny!</a>
~~Ciao  💋


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This week’s theme is all about the four elements namely : Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  These four elements must come hand in hand in order to established balance in our planet. Hence,  the photos below are my entries. Enjoy!!  🤗☺️


Snapped this photo in Boracay. Sailors definitely enjoyed sailing because the gust was strong. The waves rushed to the shore. Remembering the sounds of the rushing waves made me wished I was in a beach right now.. ⛵


A drone shot courtesy of my brothee in law.This area is near a famous mining site.Look at the whole place!!!


Light a candle and make a wish!! Wind please hear my wish..

~~Ciao 💋

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I was scrolling my phone’s gallery in order to find the best photo for this week’s theme (TEXTURE) until the photo ABOVE caught my attention. Just look at those droplets of water  💦!! They look fantastic!! They are like crystals of different sizes.This amazing scene brought joy as I saw the genuine happiness felt by friend and her godson. 👌

Last year, my friends and I went to a wavepool resort in my hometown to celebrate my natal day. I had the chance to capture series of waves rushing through the pool. 
I took a some closer shots. 📱📷  🆒 🤗        I don’t know how to describe them but the waves created a kind of cottony,rough effect.
~~Ciao 💋

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WPC: A Lifetime Satisfaction 


What satisfies me?  I have thought about it as well. I have read what others shared to this theme. I came to realized that, not all of them shared  a dream achieved, a wish granted ,an expensive car,or a luxurious possession but,  some of them shared very SIMPLE things. Simple things yet satisfying. 

I want to share what satisfies me these days. I haven’t told you,  but unlike other people, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. 

As I grew up, one of my dreams was having a liveable house.A house that could stand strong as long as my family and I are together. My sisters and I are still fulfilling that dream, and so my entry is the picture below. 

The picture shows a portion of our house being constructed. Seeing the photo gives me a different kind of satisfaction, a lifetime satisfaction.  😍😇

I knew it would take long for this to finish yet we have enough excitement to continue building our own abode. 😇🏡
~~Ciao 💋

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Weekly  Photo  Challenge: UNUSUAL 👍

It requires a very unusual mind to make an analysis of the obvious .😇

What is unusual about these two flowers is that, I don’t get the chance to see these  often.  I thought these photos are so right for the week’s theme. 👍🌸

This photo seems like a colorful parasailing baloon..
I really wonder why the middle part of this flower is hollow
(P. s.  Got the photos from my bestfriend )😊

~~ciao 💋

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I used to be a very timid girl, full of dreams. Life evolved with : to help my family and become a better person. It was dull. Life before was purely black and white. 
My theme’s interpretation is living life in a different  and more colorful perspective. Just like the collage of photos below. 😍🤗

Disco lights added a different effect while people are having the time of their lives.
These colorful taxis can be seen in Davao. I really made sure to capture them

I’ve never thought doraemon can be this cute in different colors!! Haha.. My student gave these
 Seeing a more colorful side of life😊🤗 .I learned that there are more things to see and explore while we are alive. I am happily enjoying every moment now. 

Be bold. Add some colors in your life. After all we only live once. Make it great. 👌
~~ciao 💋

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I was born and raised in a town with vast plains,  therefore crossing  or using a bridge wasn’t a part of my daily life .

However, it was through traveling where I managed to see and even cross, bridges of different kinds. 
I learned to appreciate its uses more, especially for people in my country. Bridges can sometimes be tourists  spots as well. As you know, there are more than 7,000 islands in my country. 

Let me introduce some of the famous bridges in the Philippines.  Perhaps there are still more, but I wanna show those which I have seen  personally (or one which I wanna see).🤗

1.The bridge in Cebu

2.The famous San Juanico Bridge


Some bamboo bridges are also built to connect short distances in some parts of the islands.

This is in Bohol

Even piles of wood can be used as a bridge as well. The picture below connects a way going to Kawasan Falls. 

No matter how grandiose or simple a bridge is, we must not forget its importance: CONNECTION, truely making a comfortable life for people..🤗
Bridge | The Daily Post

Bridge | The Daily Post