WPC: A Lifetime Satisfaction 


What satisfies me?  I have thought about it as well. I have read what others shared to this theme. I came to realized that, not all of them shared  a dream achieved, a wish granted ,an expensive car,or a luxurious possession but,  some of them shared very SIMPLE things. Simple things yet satisfying. 

I want to share what satisfies me these days. I haven’t told you,  but unlike other people, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. 

As I grew up, one of my dreams was having a liveable house.A house that could stand strong as long as my family and I are together. My sisters and I are still fulfilling that dream, and so my entry is the picture below. 

The picture shows a portion of our house being constructed. Seeing the photo gives me a different kind of satisfaction, a lifetime satisfaction.  😍😇

I knew it would take long for this to finish yet we have enough excitement to continue building our own abode. 😇🏡


~~Ciao 💋


3 thoughts on “WPC: A Lifetime Satisfaction 

  1. Your house reminds me of how our own was constructed – a little at a time. Sa kalaunan, natapos din. Sa lugar namin sa Batangas, maraming bahay, nagsimula sa rough cement lang. Unti-unti, pinaganda. Ngayon, para na silang maliliit na mansions. Tiyaga lang. Kudos to you. What you and your sisters are doing is very selfless. 🙂

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