I was born and raised in a town with vast plains,  therefore crossing  or using a bridge wasn’t a part of my daily life .

However, it was through traveling where I managed to see and even cross, bridges of different kinds. 
I learned to appreciate its uses more, especially for people in my country. Bridges can sometimes be tourists  spots as well. As you know, there are more than 7,000 islands in my country. 

Let me introduce some of the famous bridges in the Philippines.  Perhaps there are still more, but I wanna show those which I have seen  personally (or one which I wanna see).🤗

1.The bridge in Cebu

2.The famous San Juanico Bridge


Some bamboo bridges are also built to connect short distances in some parts of the islands.

This is in Bohol

Even piles of wood can be used as a bridge as well. The picture below connects a way going to Kawasan Falls. 

No matter how grandiose or simple a bridge is, we must not forget its importance: CONNECTION, truely making a comfortable life for people..🤗
Bridge | The Daily Post


Bridge | The Daily Post



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