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I have witnessed this transient natural occurrence in a seafood restaurant in Krabi town.

The photo shows a puffer fish/ blowfish ๐Ÿก  in it’s full puff up state. When being triggered, in danger or when they are threatened, they can take in so much air inside their stomachs that they bloat and turn into large, perfect balls. This makes them look harder to eat. Also, some puffer fish have spines and when they puff up, these spines stick out like needles.

I’ve seen how it deflates  beautifully , doing continuous turns while their body was slowly going back to its regular size.

In a world full of chaos, remember  that some things are transient.For some reasons, they appear or can happen in a blink of an eye and it is during tough situations that we need to be strong. “Survival of the fittest “ as they say.
Transient | The Daily Post



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