Weekly Photo Challenge: Focusย 

 Anyone can shoot chaos, but the most perceptive photographers  can make compelling pictures out of  uninteresting moments. ~~ Alex Tehrani


This week’s theme FOCUS  gives everybody a chance to showcase their talent / passion through photography. I should say, I have this excitement to take as many photos as I could, of anything which captures my attention,however I hadn’t had that dedication to become a passionate photographer.

As time goes by, while I travel to different places, I found myself clicking my camera. Focusing on different things which gives me a different perspective of how marvelous little things around me exist.It may looked ordinary for others but it gave me a feeling of contentment.

Most of the photos shown below were captured quite a distance away. I love exploring what my camera can do. I love to capture every single detail of my subject. Each detail described how I wanted to make my own path through whatever /wherever and whoever I am with. I focus not just on one thing but everything which contributes the whole subject.

I will not stop dreaming. I’m gonna focus on making my dreams a reality. 

Focus | The Daily Post



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