The Weekly Photo  Challenge : Friend

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit .A golden thread to the meaning of life — Isadora James 

In life, we meet different  kinds of people. Some become an inspiration , some teach us life lessons ,some may become strangers and some we call FRIEND/ FRIENDS. However, we are destined to be with people who don’t just lift our spirit when we are down but stay with us in any circumstances. People who are genetically related to us. We call them a SISTER/SISTERS

I consider my sisters my friends. I can always talk silly things to them, share my future plans and endless things. We plan together what better things we could do to our parents. 

We may have different views in life yet that didn’t hinder us to be the better people we are now. 

This photo was taken in Boracay.My younger sibling was nervous so you see she was grabbing my waist.I reassured her, as long as we are together it will be fine. 

Do you also consider your siblings friends? 😍😊


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