Planning for el nido trip?

P. S Originally posted this last year after my El nido trip. 

For those who are planning to go to El nido. Here are the tips I can give you based on my experience..โœŒ

~~~ I suggest booking a van ahead because it’s hassle free.Although there are vans available at the airport in Puerto Princesa. 

~~~ If you are on  a tight budget, bring some food and water..ohhhh not some but a lot!!! haha.. It’s more fun traveling when you can just grab a bite anytime you want.

~~~During Island hopping.  Bring waterproof camera,or waterproof case for your gadgets since most of the time you really have to get off the boat to swim or snorkle. 

~~~Take with you some medicines, spf lotion and swimming attire,but eventually you can just buy all of those in El nido town.

~~~ If you have ample time, try two island hopping packages. 
*** If there are other tips you can share,mind  commenting  below..**

~~~Ciao ~~๐Ÿ’‹



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