A night in Hat Yai

TRAVEL TIME : February 11,2017

***2-7-2017- Hat Yai is my thai friend’s city. From Phuket, we took a plane bound to Hat Yai.We went to my friend’s house to drop off our luggages, since we only needed few clothes going to Ko Lipe. (I’ll be posting the Ko Lipe experience soon) .******

My man and his friends ,already booked a hotel in Central Hat Yai so we could stay for a night before going to Bangkok.We departed from Ko Lipe around 9am.We arrived in Hat Yai around lunch time and had our lunch at my friend’s house.We ate typical thai food ( Oh ,I miss thai food!) . 

After getting our luggage,we went to the city and checked in our hotel right away.

Saw this picture along some streets. It amazed me since I haven’t seen like this in my city. 

The view from our hotel. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฉ

A group of performers playing some thai songs. 

 After checking in,we left the hotel and went around the city. I bought some snacks as a “pasalubong ” for friends. At that time,there was a street market. FOOD!!!!…

My eyes glittered upon seeing the different kinds of food being displayed in one of the streets.WOW!!!.I tried different foods again.I wanted to buy and taste everything but was afraid I might have stomach problem .LOL

My friend said there are some beautiful sights in Hat Yai but since our time is really limited,perhaps next time we can stay longer. I would love to see more of this place.I really hope I could visit Hat yai again..

Have you been to Hat Yai? Please share your experiences as well..



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