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Calea Treat. 🍰

On our last day in Bacolod, I really made sure I could try the famous CALEA . This place was recommended by many. 

Luckily,while we were buying pasalubong in Robinsons Bacolod ,I saw the CALEA just near the entrance. I pulled my sister and told her we should grab a bite just once. .😂 

When we were inside,My mind whispered “wow”..The pastries looked so delicious and mouthwatering.The staff asked us what we wanted. I was tongue tied.It was difficult to choose.LOL .Like “I want this,or I want that”..LOL.. 

So I asked her what their best seller was. She recommended we should try the blueberry cheesecake.🍰

The sweetness was just enough. The peanuts added a crisp.One bite will give you a satisfaction.I wanted more!! However my sister isn’t into sweets. 😁 Well, at least i could also recommend  this place. One slice was only 95.00php ..

Grab some dessert guys. 😅😅




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