Bluewater Panglao

A foreign friend asked me If I could recommend a resort in Bohol. They want a place near the beach which offers privacy,however a place where they can still enjoy walking around the island during daytime.
There are actually a lot of resorts in Bohol, specifically in Panglao area,from high end resorts to hostels. I couldn’t give specific name yet but , I only had one resort in mind, that is Bluewater Panglao. Based on my experience during my second time in Bohol. I recommended  this resort to her and I want to share this one to you as well.

My fiancé  booked this hotel for 6 days. Our accommodation was the Honeymoon Villa. This was because I told my fiancé  that I wanted to have a room with a plunge. 😂 I didn’t really have the idea of our accommodation since he had everything booked beforehand yet he also asked if I liked the place.

Upon arrival, we proceeded to the reception for checking in. When we got our key the staff assisted us and led us to our room by their hotel vehicle.

Upon opening the door…..

My plunge!!! 😍

A vacation i deserved

I was surprised!!! 😍 and then when I entered the room. My eyes glittered upon seeing  the floating bed.

Ohh look at that bed!!

As  I checked the bathroom. Oh my, it was wider than my room at home 😂  and guess what, there’s a television.Indeed.

So huge tub
TV it is!!

My fiancé  and I went outside again to check the whole place..Bluewater Panglao has two swimming pools. This pool is near the resort’s restaurant and few steps away to the beach.

The pool near the reception at night.During weekend a singer serenades the guests at the restuarant.

This looks so romantic

One will really enjoy the tranquility of this resort. The resort has standard rooms and family villa as well. You can check  for the rates.

Reminiscing those days was when all I did was swim,eat and sleep. 😂

Bluewater is part of our love story. Grazie Bluewater Resort. 😍🤗

Have you been to Bohol?  Where did you stay, share your accommodation  and perhaps we can book it next time. 😉

Ciao guys. Time to get a good sleep. zzzz


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