My Baguio travel experience (January 26-30,2017 )

Known as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio city didn’t fail my expectations and even surpassed my idea of “how cold Baguio is”..๐Ÿ˜‚

Let me start with our first day. Our group arrived in Manila from Cebu in the morning. A van picked us up. Our first stop was Pangasinan to visit Our Lady of Manaog. The photos below was taken in Pangasinan.

Our Lady of Manaog
The floating candles

Some photos with friends.

My bffs
My travel buddy my sisie

We left the church after an hour.
We arrived in Baguio from Manila after a long drive around 3pm. Our eyes savored the beautiful scenery going to Baguio. It was so cloudy and it started to drizzle.

When we reached the Lion’s Head in Kennon road which is a famous landmark in Baguio, we got off and took some photos.

This is it. Hello city of Pines. It was a little bit cold already.

The lakwatseras

We headed to Sm Baguio. I heard it is the only mall in the Philippines ย which doesn’t or rarely use air conditioning .

Hello there Sm Baguio

As we get off from the van my body shivered due to the cool air inside the mall. Haha..I noticed most people were wearing sweaters, thick coats, some were even wearing boots. Wow!!! ย This place is a good place for winter fashion. While waiting for our host,we decided to find something hot to drink.Luckily when we went outside we found Starbucks..pheww..

Finally another tumbler collection
A hot latte is perfect here..

That would be all for now..I’m gonna be sharing the whole day tour next time..

~~Ciao ~~


2 thoughts on “A CHILLY visit in BAGUIO CITY

    1. We rented a private van, then went to Pangasinan before going to Baguio, but i think estimated travel time, would be 4-5 hours by private car/van.I think it is longer if you take a bus from Pasay.


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