TAGAYTAY on a cloudy day

That extreme happiness of finally checking one of your bucketlist.Yes, that’s right. I have dreamt of coming to Tagaytay as it is a famous place outside Manila.

Let me begin my travel story (from Tarlac to Tagaytay). Our travel was actually from Baguio. We arrived in Tarlac late in the afternoon. We went to NOLCOM CAMP AQUINO. We were very lucky because at that time there were three helicopters!! Indeed. So the group took the chance and didn’t miss taking photos with those military thing.

During my childhood days, i’ve had the chance to hop in inside the helicopter. Our place is near a military camp.I would never forget the thrill!!

If we just had enough time to stay in Tarlac we would surely have more time to explore the place. .Our grouo decided to leave Tarlac earlier so we could avoid the traffic jams.

Tagaytay is located in the South of Manila. So we left around 3am!! Zzzz.

Around 7am we stopped at Nuvali Sto.Rosa Laguna in order to find soomething to eat. While walking around the area a pond caught my attention and I was speechless for a second. I couldn’t even blink my eyes in awe!!!

Koi fish!! .The fish feed area Nuvali

I thought the pond was too crowded with these fishes. They looked idle. Haha.

We were supposed to feed them but we didn’t know where the in charge was. It would have been great if those fishes would be fed.

Check my youtube channel for some videos I’ve taken.  (sofee bella ) or click the link below. 

Until next time..
Since we were not able to find any restaurants,our group decided to just find one while we were on our way. Luckily, we found an open restaurant and guess what!!!. The view!!  The view was fantastic!

Finally a dream came true. This place was what exactly I’ve imagined. My heart was in cloud nine. I wouldn’t mind spending my whole day here. πŸ˜‡πŸ€—

A view worth dying for
Just breathtaking!!!
We hurriedly  ordered our food. So while we waited for our order. We enjoyed taking photos of the scenery. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Œ

This place is so romantic. I wish i could take my fiancΓ©  here. 😍

Someday, you beside me.. In the same spot.
I couldn’t contain the excitement after we had our breakfasf since we need to go to the Skyranch. My mind whispered (the ferriswheel!! )πŸ€—

After a few minutes. .😍😍

Hello there!!

Happy kid. πŸ˜‚

We went to the entrance and our friend paid for us.

After paying we then started to enjoy every minute we had  to spent there. It was very cloudy so it was a little cool ( but not like in Baguio.!! Haha) .

I saw some food choices for souvenirs

As you can see there weren’t a lot of crowd yet. We were lucky though. I’ve seen mostly teens roaming around or few families with their kids.

Hello there mr. Fog. πŸ˜‚

Because these moments were precious.

Indeed dreams do come true. So never stop dreaming. ~~

That’s all for now.

Ciao bellas!!! 😍