Encounter with Manila IO

Since tonight is my suspension  at work. (😂  congratulations to me. 😂  ) I just wanna share my Immigration experience in Manila for my Thailand trip last November 2015 and January 31-february 12,2017. It wasn’t actually my first time to travel abroad because I had a business trip in Japan last July 2014.

My fiancé planned everything for that trip. He’ll meet me in Suvanabhumi airport. We were supposed to arrive almost the same time in Bangkok but my flight was delayed due to APEC. So he had to pick me up at the airport.

I have searched some travel tips to avoid being offloaded because i heard that some travelers are offloaded especially Filipina traveling alone.I thought it wouldn’t be easy for me as well. So i made sure i had some necessary documents ready in case the immigration officer would ask me questions .

Here are some of the things i prepared: 

** round trip  Plane tickets ( mine and my fiancé )

** his round trip ticket from Italy to Bangkok

** hotel accommodation  in Bangkok

** i asked my fiance to take a photo of his passport

** screenshot of our Thailand conversation

** enough pocket money (in case of emergency )

**200% confidence. 😂
November 19,2015..

I  went to the airport 4 hours before my departure time. Checked in and finally queued  in the immigration. As I was in line, I saw a woman on her twenties being interviewed  by an IO. My heart pounded, but i calmed myself.

Finally my turn has come. I gave my passport, round trip tickets and hotel accommodation  to the woman in the counter.

Woman: (checked my passport)How many days will be staying there?

Me:  13 days.

Woman:  will be alone?

Me:  i will be meeting my bf there.

The woman checked my documents again and called a man (feminine ) and said please check this. I knew then i had to be interviewed. I told myself to just calm down.

Woman: go to that table (pointing the place where some IO were sitting )

I sat down preparing myself for a battle.He handed me a paper to be filled out. After i filled it out. I gave it to him.  😂 He checked my documents. Here are the things/questions he asked:

~~how long have you been in a relationship with your bf?

~~ do you have a copy of his ticket? (i showed him my bf’s plane tickets including his round trip tickets for Philippines)

~~He asked for my bf’s passport number (of course i have it already)

~~ how many times did my bf visited me and about how many days.  (my fiancé  have visited me twice at that time  and stayed for 21 days)

~~can you show me some of your photos? (i showed him our photos during my fiancé’s first visit and second visit. Pictures with family and friends. )

I had fun showing our photos and he told me to wait. (he went inside the office holding the paper I filled in. He was actually writing more info about my trip there. I assume he was checking my fiancé’s travel record. )

When he went out, he was smiling. And told me, “to go back to the window. And enjoy your vacation”. I was relieved and i couldn’t contain the excitement .I couldn’t help but smiled  from ear to ear like a child happily waiting for her ice cream. 😂


JANUARY 31,2017...

My second Thailand trip. My flight was in the morning, so I had to be in the airport earlier again. Still, i prepared the same documents i had like the first time, except for the hotel printed accommodation because the owner of the hotel is a friend. So our booking wasn’t done through booking sites (agoda, booking etc. ) So i was a little worried about it .My friends were telling me it would be okay as long as I show them the hotel address and it will be my 2nd time to be in Thailand.

So here’s what happened. There were only like 5 people waiting in line. When it was my turn the male IO asked for my documents. I was observing him while he was checking my passport and encoding something. He asked me when will I come back, i politely answered him as well. After that he stamped my passport!!  (hurray!!! ) .I took my documents back. It took only a couple of minutes that time. 😇🤗

Therefore i conclude the more trips you have outside our country, the lesser chances of being offloaded and of course enough documents and honest response to the IO.

How about your experience?  I’d love to hear your stories as well. Feel free to comment below.

~~ciao ~~



My Baguio travel experience (January 26-30,2017 )

Known as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio city didn’t fail my expectations and even surpassed my idea of “how cold Baguio is”..😂

Let me start with our first day. Our group arrived in Manila from Cebu in the morning. A van picked us up. Our first stop was Pangasinan to visit Our Lady of Manaog. The photos below was taken in Pangasinan.

Our Lady of Manaog
The floating candles

Some photos with friends.

My bffs
My travel buddy my sisie

We left the church after an hour.
We arrived in Baguio from Manila after a long drive around 3pm. Our eyes savored the beautiful scenery going to Baguio. It was so cloudy and it started to drizzle.

When we reached the Lion’s Head in Kennon road which is a famous landmark in Baguio, we got off and took some photos.

This is it. Hello city of Pines. It was a little bit cold already.

The lakwatseras

We headed to Sm Baguio. I heard it is the only mall in the Philippines  which doesn’t or rarely use air conditioning .

Hello there Sm Baguio

As we get off from the van my body shivered due to the cool air inside the mall. Haha..I noticed most people were wearing sweaters, thick coats, some were even wearing boots. Wow!!!  This place is a good place for winter fashion. While waiting for our host,we decided to find something hot to drink.Luckily when we went outside we found Starbucks..pheww..

Finally another tumbler collection
A hot latte is perfect here..

That would be all for now..I’m gonna be sharing the whole day tour next time..

~~Ciao ~~

How to go to Bugsay

Bugsay is located in Tajao,Pinamungajan Cebu. From Cebu City,this place can be reached by mostly bus,van or private vehicles. It’s a public beach so anybody can take a dip anytime.You can actually bring tents.There are also resorts nearby.

~~BY BUS~~~🚌🚗

**Go to South Bus terminal.Find the Ceres Bus with the mark PINAMUNGAJAN and tell the ticket collector to drop you off Bugsay in Tajao. They are familiar with the place.Travel time is about 2 hours depending on the traffic..!!! The fare is less than 100.Another way is the bus with TOLEDO sign.The bus bound for TOLEDO will stop at TOLEDO bus terminal.From there you can ride a jeepney  PINAMUNGAJAN/ALOGUINSAN  route.

~~BY VAN ~~🚐

**Take a van going to Pinamungajan but I highly recommend taking a van via Toledo since the van gets more passengers faster so it leaves the terminal earlier (i always take the toledo van than the van going to Pinamungjan).The fare is 100 then you can get off the terminal or super metro mall. take a jeepney or tricycle and just tell the driver to drop you off Bugsay grill. You will never miss it because the place is along the road,on your right side.

For the photos to encourage you. 😁



**the cottages are first come, first serve, so it is better to make a reservation earlier.

** bring extra clothes in case you wanna swim..

** check their fb page:  (https://www.facebook.com/bugsaygrillpinamungajan/ )
If you still have more time, why don’t you visit Hidden Valley Mountain Resort in Lamac, or Hermit’s Cove in Alouginsan. 🤗

If you have any questions feel free to comment.I will do my very best to help.
Ciao. 😍

Serenity at BUGSAY


This is a Cebuano word which means “row” basically a word used to describe the movement of the paddle to move the boat. As the song goes. “row, row, row your boat..” lol

Bugsay is a seaside grill and restrobar owned by Lamac Multi purpose  cooperative. This is located in my hometown, Pinamungajan,a town in the Southwest part of Cebu.. The place has a very nice view of the sunset and Mt. Kanlaon. This is a public beach area so you can take a dip as well.

There are more than 1o cottages here. My sister made a reservation in one of the cottages for a price of 1,000php.There are also tables with chairs and it is about 500php.If you rent a cottage there is no limit for the number of people and no time limit as well. You can stay until 12:00 midnight  (every weekdays) and until 3am (every weekend). By the way one of the things i like here aside from the view is there is NO CORKAGE FEE!!! Except for the drinks.

I’m sorry i missed asking how much was the entrance fee here
The cottages and tables
The menu

Now let me show you the view. I was really overwhelmed  here.

This view from our cottage

Enjoy the beautiful the sunset here. 🌅

Too beautiful to capture it perfectly. 😂

The huts in these photos are actually floating.!!  Yes. Floating. I’ve seen a family walked towards the middle hut. 😂 Luckily the tide was low. I wonder how the resort accommodate  people who want to be on those huts during high tide. 😬 [I’m gonna find that out in my second visit ]..

Here are some of the pictures taken using DJI MAVIC drone. Special thanks to the photographer (my brother in law).😂

Pretty amazing!!

This shot is awesome!!!

And at night.,the lights makes the bamboo bridge more romantic.

Sad to say I had to leave the place past 6pm..

Please click the TIPS in the category section in order to get some information about this place..

~~~Ciao guys. 😂

I will be updating about my Baguio and Sagada tour soon. For now i gotta get ready for work.


Literally ATM (currently here at the moment).😂

I wonder why this hotel is named BIG hotel but nevertheless,  we were lucky because the hotel gave us the PENTHOUSE without paying extra!! 😍
My sister actually booked the standard accommodation  but the front desk said there wasn’t any available room anymore ..

While my sister was checking in,I made some photos with my family..:-)

My camera shy mom

After a few minutes we went to our room.

A very artistic decorative luggage near the elevator

There were two elevators. Our room is on the 7th floor. I noticed that most of the rooms on this floor are penthouse

And here’s the penthouse. It has a mini kitchen but ours has no fridge so my sister requested to have one and paid 250php

Let’s go upstairs. It’s has a bed upstairs. the toilet is downstairs.

Very cozy bed
I can invite my friends here. 😂

So far, we didn’t have any complain about this room. So im gonna give it a 4.5 out of 5 (because of the fridge! ) 😂

That’s all for now, time to hit the hay.

Goodnight guys.

TAGAYTAY on a cloudy day

That extreme happiness of finally checking one of your bucketlist.Yes, that’s right. I have dreamt of coming to Tagaytay as it is a famous place outside Manila.

Let me begin my travel story (from Tarlac to Tagaytay). Our travel was actually from Baguio. We arrived in Tarlac late in the afternoon. We went to NOLCOM CAMP AQUINO. We were very lucky because at that time there were three helicopters!! Indeed. So the group took the chance and didn’t miss taking photos with those military thing.

During my childhood days, i’ve had the chance to hop in inside the helicopter. Our place is near a military camp.I would never forget the thrill!!

If we just had enough time to stay in Tarlac we would surely have more time to explore the place. .Our grouo decided to leave Tarlac earlier so we could avoid the traffic jams.

Tagaytay is located in the South of Manila. So we left around 3am!! Zzzz.

Around 7am we stopped at Nuvali Sto.Rosa Laguna in order to find soomething to eat. While walking around the area a pond caught my attention and I was speechless for a second. I couldn’t even blink my eyes in awe!!!

Koi fish!! .The fish feed area Nuvali

I thought the pond was too crowded with these fishes. They looked idle. Haha.

We were supposed to feed them but we didn’t know where the in charge was. It would have been great if those fishes would be fed.

Check my youtube channel for some videos I’ve taken.  (sofee bella ) or click the link below. 

Until next time..
Since we were not able to find any restaurants,our group decided to just find one while we were on our way. Luckily, we found an open restaurant and guess what!!!. The view!!  The view was fantastic!

Finally a dream came true. This place was what exactly I’ve imagined. My heart was in cloud nine. I wouldn’t mind spending my whole day here. 😇🤗

A view worth dying for
Just breathtaking!!!
We hurriedly  ordered our food. So while we waited for our order. We enjoyed taking photos of the scenery. 😇😌

This place is so romantic. I wish i could take my fiancé  here. 😍

Someday, you beside me.. In the same spot.
I couldn’t contain the excitement after we had our breakfasf since we need to go to the Skyranch. My mind whispered (the ferriswheel!! )🤗

After a few minutes. .😍😍

Hello there!!

Happy kid. 😂

We went to the entrance and our friend paid for us.

After paying we then started to enjoy every minute we had  to spent there. It was very cloudy so it was a little cool ( but not like in Baguio.!! Haha) .

I saw some food choices for souvenirs

As you can see there weren’t a lot of crowd yet. We were lucky though. I’ve seen mostly teens roaming around or few families with their kids.

Hello there mr. Fog. 😂

Because these moments were precious.

Indeed dreams do come true. So never stop dreaming. ~~

That’s all for now.

Ciao bellas!!! 😍