EL NIDO with love

so calm

My dream destination !!! (aside from Boracay of course!! )

Finally got the time and energy to write about my El nido experience..Actually,it was not included in our plan to go to El nido,but I,hahaha,I was pushy enough to convince my bf to spend at least 3 days there,and well,he gave in..(happy face..:-)

I’ve searched and read a lot of blogs about getting there plus do’s and dont’s..Thanks for the useful blogs and bloggers experiences (I couldn’t get their website though )..

El Nido can be reached by plane,mostly if you are living in other islands in our country.They already have an airport where a private plane operates daily .You can check the flight schedule in the website.The easiestย  and perhaps the fastest way from Manila or Cebu to El nido ..ย  http://air-swift.com/

Another option to get to El nido is through Puerto Princesa airport..From Puerto Princesa,you can take a van or bus going to El nido..It’s a 5-6 hour ride ,but they have two stop over.In our case,I’ve already booked a van to pick us up direct fro the hotel ( http://www.ipilsuites.com/ย  )ย  where we stayed which is I guess more convenient.We paid a total of 2,400 php back and forth for two people…

It was really a long ride..like really long..(but my Ilocos trip was longer..haha).We just took a nap and then …

These viewsย  were taken the next day after our arrival since we arrived around 6pm and hurriedly find a good restaurant ..Just so happy with our room choice ..WONDERFUL!!

beautiful rock formation
my room on the 4th floor


Our hotel is located in the town center so everything is accessible.There were many shops,restaurants as we passed by.There are no fast food shops.You can buy almost everything you need there..

What I noticed was :

~~people were very friendly

~~ shops and restaurants closed around 10pm to 12 midnight.

~~experienced black out around 1am,

~~some restaurants were quite pricy

~~ recycle water bottle as in our hotel they have water dispenser four guests to just refill instead of buying another water outside.

~~ some stinky smell in some narrow pathway.

That’s all for now…

Please wait for my next blog,about our tour in the beautiful Island of EL NIDO..

Ciao ^.^







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