HERMIT’S COVE in Alouginsan


When summer months come,most people often want to go to the beach or enjoy the swimming pool,to cool themselves..
My sister and I decided to visit the place Hermit’s cove since it is near my hometown. We just prepared our lunch and some chips and went there right away.
While we were walking to the mainroad in order to take a public vehicle,a motorbike stopped and ask where were we heading,and then luckily,he had been to hermit’s cove several times..
I’ve read some blogs about the location of the place,yet I wasn’t expecting that it would be that far..The road isn’t all concrete,.Some are steep like a roller coaster ride..The view was very countryside,with hills and greens grass..My sister said “well there’s a beautiful sea behind those hills..


This is a good place for a getaway. 



Because summer time is fun time..Till next blog bellas..

***TIPS ***

— Before going to Hermit’s Cove,make sure to pass by the farm in Alouginsan municipal Hall.I wasn’t able to get the contact number then.You need to make reservation because they are limiting the number of guest (700 people only)..
—Bring your own food,water etc because the place is really far,though there are some people selling something,it’s better to have anything you need with you..

~~~ciao πŸ’‹