Travel Period .. (november 19-22 )

The long wait was finally over..Hello Thailand and Hello Amore Mio..

It was such an unfortunate departure date due to APEC.My flight from Manila to BKK had been re scheduled several times due to airplane availability.So I had no choice but accepted PAL’s flight schedule.

It took about 4  hours from Philippines to Thailand. I couldn’t contain the excitement.My heart was beating like a drum!! hahaha..I just followed the crowd because I knew for sure they were going to the passport control.When I had my turn,It was smooth,no questions asked and I hurriedly waited for my luggage at the baggage claim.I went outside and found my bf waiting for me..(lalala)

We took a taxi going to our hotel.Funny because the driver talked to me in Thai..haha..Perhaps because of my tan skin..I wasn’t sure how far our hotel was from the airport because my eyes were busy looking around every wonderful night lights we passed by. My bf booked this hotel :

~~~~~~~Goodnight ~~~~~~~

The next day..We visited some temples.. Finally time to tick my bucketlist  ( The Reclining Buddha) โœ”๏ธ

There are many temples in Thailand and since I already read some blogs about visiting temples in Bangkok,I already knew what outfit I should wear.


1. Visit Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun )





2. have fun in Khao San Road   —–

This is really a good place to party..I mean,you can see people of different races having so much fun,dancing,drinking ,making friends,get wasted (lol )..


Outside the mall, there was an exhibition.It was all about dinosaurs.We went inside and saw different kinds of replica in different  sizes. Kids had a really awesome time there. 

P. S : I apologize  I cannot give you details about the expenses  and a detailed iterinary because my man paid and planned everything.It was hard to convert Baht all the time. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ and I was only thinking about fun. Haha

However, I can give you a few tips: 

1. Dress properly when visiting the temples.Wear something  decent.

I will be updating this blog to include some other temples and other things I did in Bangkok..








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