The waiting was over when our tour bus came.The bus was so comfortable and clean.We met the tour guide at SM MOA SMX together with the other travelers.The bus left the city around 9pm..I already knew that it would be a long drive so we just slept.. Around 5am I could see vast land..It wasn’t that clear though but when the sun starts to rise I woke my sister up and told her “I guess we are here”..

We didn’t have enough time to take a bath (lol..because the tour started right away after breakfast )..Here’s the list of the places that we visited during our DAY 1 TOUR.

Marcosย  Musoleum ,Paoay Church ,Malacanang of the North ,Paoay Lake ,Sta. Monica (Sarrat) Churchย  ,Sinking Bell Tower ,Aurora Park ,Ilocos Norte Capitol,St.William’s Cathedral and lastly my wishlist the La Paz Sand Dunes..

Below are the photos taken in some of the places..enjoy !!









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