Hello blogging world

I am not really into writing stuff. Actually,I used to write stories back during my high school  days,yet I never had the passion of even making my diary even until my college days.

My interest started when I had the chance to visit Boracay ,way back 2009.I was too excited to check about the island and found myself searching the web about it. I got to know some information and served it as a guide exploring the island.Eventually,after that travel experience,I realized it was very useful for others who wanted to travel or perhaps getting information on the internet about other stuffs. Then I got so interested in reading blogs from famous bloggers.

It was then a friend of mine whose into blogging and a journal writer too, encouraged me to do some write ups about my travels an experiences which can be very helpful to those who want to explore. I was really hesitant at first because I’m not sure if I could develop connection to my readers. But,I’m giving it a try.

Finally here I am..I am not a pro,only an ordinary traveler ,a dreamer, who wants to share my experiences and give  tips about  places. Places I thought I could only see in books and magazines.

I am already excited to share my travel stories and will try my best to do it vividly. Please enjoy and share your thoughts!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ciao everyone.Till next time..^.^
Spread your wings and enjoy being alive..


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